Working with Kari was a most enjoyable experience, and I am delighted with her design work on the book! The process we went through selecting a design for the book was equally enjoyable. At each stage, Kari presented us with various design possibilities, listened carefully to our reactions to them, and then incorporated our thoughts into the next designs she presented to us. There was never any sense that she was right and we were wrong; it was always clear that she was working to translate our “vision” of the book into concrete design. She melded the text and pictures we gave her into an integrated whole that is completely appropriate to the difficult subject matter and is visually stunning. Her caring and compassionate manner of dealing with people makes her a pleasure to work with. 
—Author Dr. Eva Olsson and Editor Ron Jacques


I have been fortunate to work with Kari Loyst at Whitespace Creative on many projects over the years. She is a talented designer who consistently delivers exemplary creative work while respectfully honouring every deadline – even the tight ones. She is a clear communicator and a pleasure to work with during the revisions process. Unlike other designers I have worked with, she doesn’t allow her creative ego to interfere with projects. For her, the client’s needs are always paramount. If, for example, you suddenly need to add 5 new sponsor logos to a document, she will find the most effective way to include them and never complain about the negative impact on her design. She is a team-player of the highest order.
—Sarah Hicks, Communications Coordinator Ontario Wood WORKS! 


In one of the most joyful and rewarding collaborations of my filmmaking career, Kari Loyst’s remarkable design of the DVD case and supporting promotional flyers and posters which accompanied the launch of my feature documentary displayed that rare combination of practicality and inspiration that only comes from the most careful listening to a client's wants and needs, and then delivering the perfect solution which is even better than our vision. She's kind, hard-working, dependable, thorough and fast... and one of the sharpest creative minds I've known. I would trust her talents to anyone and can't wait to work with her again.
—Donald Gray - Filmmaker


Our logo is a winner! Thanks to Kari’s patience, creativity and responsiveness to our "high maintenance" design wants, you came through with exactly what we were hoping for. The look is corporate and timeless and the colour is perfect. It was a pleasure working on our new look with you.
—Jebco Industries Inc.


Kari is my go-to designer for projects required for all media. She's smart, great to work with, absolutely reliable and insanely knowledgeable and creative - and she always makes me look good. She's the full package!
—Michele Lawson, UWSM Communications Specialist


Kari has a wonderful creative eye and is responsive to client needs and budget. Beautiful work and she was always very patient when we were changing our directions.
—Brenda Quinlan, Director Clinical & Program Supports at Community Living Association South Simcoe